"... I wanted to say how great your record is! I've had it in my car for the weeks before I left for the UK and the songs are so well written and strong! Congratulations on that! Hope you get nominated for a Grammy, John!"  Donna Lewis, Atlantic Records Recording Artist

"GREAT music, John...AWESOME!" Nicolas Koukidis - Program Director, London Burning Radio - UK

"Music Studio 307 gives a 'like' and 10 thumbs up John! great songs, great production & great overall talent! Keep up the awesome work!!" 
- Elisa Giannelli - Studio 307

"John David Schrader's "Daylight Crashing" CD is a great mix of very well written, thought provoking lyrics followed by great musical arrangements. John's vocal stylings will stop you dead in your tracks!" - Sonny Rock,  WRIP 97.9FM Windham (Apr 10, 2011)

" Wow, what a show! Your infusion of gut-real passion into your singing, songwriting, and multi-talented musicianship touches the human experience, John. Onward! The hottest act on the East Coast - John David Schrader! "- Guy Towe - Los Angeles, CA "Relevent Music" radio show, LA Talk Radio (Jan 26, 2011)

"Being Himself - John David Schrader written by Rachael Herron, Strum Magazine Nashville, TN  CLICK HERE FOR INTERVIEW"

"Shock", starts out with nearly a classical sound before going into horn-accented boogie rock. And the horns sound great here! The man also has some good lyrical ideas. For instance, "Dreaming Out Loud" suggests that dreaming is not just for kids. Amen! - Dan MacIntosh, (Feb 24, 2010)

"Great tracks on Daylight Crashing...Quite brilliant!" - Nick Tann, 'Is This Thing On' Podcast - UK (Apr 12, 2010) 

"John David Schrader is ready for commercial radio! Fans of slick, tight rock & roll will willingly buy into what John David Schrader is doing!" - Dan MacIntosh, (Feb 26, 2010)

"January 2010: "Daylight Crashing" chosen as “Editor’s Pick” on" 

- (Feb 26, 2010)

On John's CD 'Daylight Crashing' -  "Nice bro!!!! Fun, foot stomping it loud." Rich Redmond - Nashville, TN (Drummer for Jason Aldean)" - Rich Redmond, Drummer (Dec 28, 2011)

"I love your "Daylight Crashing" cd, John! Your songs come straight from the heart. All I can say is rock 'n roll with heart & soul - that's John David Schrader." - Domonique - WMJC FM - Long Island, NY, WMJC FM (Dec 15, 2011)

In regards to the new CD 'Daylight Crashing' - "REALLY good job, John!" - Brian Steen, Producer - Sony Music, Sony Music (Nov 20, 2011) 

"John is an amazingly talented songwriter. We added John to our rotation several months ago and never second guessed our decision. If your station is looking for compelling new content for your rotation, we highly recommend John Schrader Band! Plus, we think you might appreciate his back story too." - Randy Blumhagen, CEO and WDSP Radio, / WDSP (Nov 20, 2009)

 'From Discontent' truly captures the depth of his soul. His lyrics connect on such a profound level. John's rustic wisdom pulses through his fingertips and crystalizes experience into song...very poignant lyrics." - Saugerties Post Star, NY 

"The arrangements are genuinely inventive and the groove is undeniable...Schrader breathes new life into the music scene." - Jeremy Shiffres, Kingston Daily Freeman, NY 

"His rock-n-roll is SO good!!… creative hooks …sophisticated production…” - Stephen Israel, Times Herald Record - NY 

"Is there anything this guy CAN'T do?!?! From beginning to end, this 13 song CD rocks!" - Gus Amadore, More Sugar Music Magazine - NY, NJ, CT, PA 

"A job very well done and very much worth listening to. Listen to "Blood In The Wood", then listen again!" - Scott James, Engineer/Producer - Billy Joel, Roger Daltry and more!

"August 24th 2005 "Blood In The Wood" named as 'Album Of The Week'" - Times Herald Record, Go Magazine, NY 

"GREAT!" - Greg Loescher , Gold Mine Music Magazine

“An unusual combination of strong rock grooves with smart and really cleverly written lyrics. Add to this, innovative guitar playing and pristine production sound and quality, and you've got a very promising new force on the rock scene.....really impressive!”- The Late Mindy Jostyn, Recording Artist (John Mellencamp, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi and more)

"When we were touring, we received tapes and cd’s all the time. Everybody always wanted an opinion. Often, the material was truly awful, and sometimes(not quite as often)there was something great. John falls into the latter. His CD's are killer!(I LOVE "Cold")John’s great -quite a bright future" - Dan Pred  , Drummer - The Dan Reed Network 

"Singer/Songwriter John Schrader has managed to strike just the right balance. His music is both melodic and rootsy but not simple and finally, full of heart-felt, personal lyrics." - Bob Margolis, Kingston Times, NY 

"Schrader is an acclaimed singer-songwriter whos diverse music has attracted critical attention...his tough but melodic powerpop style frequently recalls the sounds of similarly motivated artists ranging from The Kinks to Matthew Sweet to Guided By Voices." - Kingston Daily Freeman, NY

"His raspy, biting voice is an ideal layer to the driving intensity of his melodic hooks and upbeat grooves...Schrader's original and diverse stylings are solid,There's an emotional depth that's hard to ignore."- Chronogram Magazine, NY

“I tip my hat to John…WOW!!”- Gus Amadore, More Sugar Magazine - NY, NJ, CT

"Schrader has a catchy sense of creating pop songs....his lyrics are original and his voice carries the 'slice-of-life' themes with passion and appropriate intensity."- Phil Farber, Kingston Daily Freeman, NY

"The music and lyrics are melodic, rocking, lucid, intricate and poetic." - Lee Park, Poughkeepsie Journal, NY 

"If justice mattered in the music business, John Schrader would be a star!" - Stephen Israel, Times Herald Record, NY

"A supremely talented songwriter, performer and arranger." - Pat Murphy, Sound Palace - CA 

"John is an original Kingston, NY gem! Each show sparkles with insightful lyrics and glowing originality - not a zirconian event. You'll revel with excitement created by this consumate performer...a very SEXY show!" -  Backstage Studio Productions, NY 

"Yo John! Nice stuff! Very nice production too! Kept the "LIVE" feel in it which ain’t too easy these days! Keep up the jamz dude! " - CP Roth, keyboards- Blessid Union of Souls 

“Now THAT’S world class rock!” - Greg Gattine - Program Director, WDST - Woodstock, NY

"John...great songs! Good luck with your music! Your friend, Billy" - Billy Sheehan , (David Lee Roth, Steve Vai, Mr. Big)

"I really dig this CD! John is rockin' our airwaves!" - Al Cocchi (owner), Cyberstorm Radio, NJ 

"Definitely a VERY cool release!! Almost unbeliveable that you did it ALL alone! A great example of the true indie spirit that I love to present at my shows!! .. have a great new year 'n many good things for your music! cheerz!" - Lord Litter, Lord Litter Radio Show, Germany 

"John, You're very talented! You've got a cool voice! I really liked the CD! Good Luck!" - Kevin Karlson, Karlson and McKenzie, Boston